Female artisan

Nimuri sources from small family-run businesses, female-led enterprises, charities & not-for-profit organisations including:

Behbud – This is one of Pakistan’s most well-established charities. It has trained over 100,000 home-based female artisans, helping them to earn an independent income & to value education. That makes it more likely that they will send their daughters to school. It is has been run by a formidable army of female volunteers for almost 50 years. Behbud makes our gorgeous little girls’ dresses.

Kayal – Run by young female entrepreneur Ayesha Ali, Kayal has been at the forefront of a resurgence in craft in the capital city of Islamabad & has helped revive blockprint in Pakistan. Kayal makes the fabric for our hand blockprinted women’s dresses & shirts.

Mohammad Waseem & family - Mohammad & his family are based in Pakistan’s Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, the northern province near the Afghan border. They believe their family has been working on the same craft for several hundred years & came originally from Delhi in India. Lacquerwork was one of the many crafts promoted by the Mughal Emperors that ruled much of South Asia for 300 years but the technique originated in Central Asia.